<h2>Breakfast With Darker Than Wax</h2>
    <p>One fine morning chat in Bandung with Darker Than Wax family</p>
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    <h2>Hello, LeFtO!</h2>
    <p>Check out our Q&A with one of Europe's leading tastemaker and your-DJ's-favorite-DJ, LeFtO on his last visit to Indonesia</p>
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words by @natangelica // photo by shabina

Pop quiz alert: “What do Kim Clijsters and Stephane Lallemand have in common?”

No answers? Okay, let’s try again

“What do Kim Clijsters and LeFtO have in common?”

Yup, both are Belgians and talented in their respected fields.

(I know I should stop with these tennis comparisons but sometimes one just can’t help it, sorry)

The Brownswood recruit has been successfully hosting his own weekly radio show and that’s pretty understandable. The guy has exceptional taste when it comes to music and more often than not throws in eclectic selections into his mixes. Prior to his gig in Jakarta a few weeks back, we caught up with him via e-mail and so far his views on Indonesia’s most famous island, parallel universe and Brussels are quite stimulating, to be fair. Read on.

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Did the 15-year-old you listen to Omar-S back then?

"Is he some sort of multimillionaire from Arabia?" 

Did you even have a slightest idea what Detroit techno is?

"Uh, techno music from Detroit?"



Our selector this time is a certified high school music snob and you have the least right to question his credibility. I bet he’d point you to online music publications available in order to answer every single music question thrown his way. S/O Mthrfnkr and all based blogs out there. Oh how the times have changed.

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Power City Motives by Erision Flow, all the way from Denmark 


INTERVIEW: Darker Than Wax


words by @natangelica // photo by @ariefwiratama // special thanks to Putri Anindya

Darker Than Wax, one of Asia’s finest digital label, has established a name of their own throughout the globe. They have carried big names on their roster, with the likes of Samuel Truth, Wayvee and Indonesia’s own Midnight Runners.  It was a pleasure to get a chance to sit down with Dean Chew, the founder as well as Marco Weibel and Archie Dennis, two of the label’s prolific representatives, each offering their lengthy-but-well-thought insights on starting a music project, the internet and how music relates to architecture.

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